Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana

A Question of Survival

Ajeet Khurana has excelled at Customer focus. Speed. Attracting and empowering the right people.

Making hard decisions. Managing chaos and conflict. Smoothly navigating
regulations & compliances. High governance standards. Cultivating
relationships. Converting markets to communities. Negotiating deals.
Continuous process and product improvement.
He is always on the lookout for a  mandate that requires rapid growth and evolution. A role that requires backbone and heart. A non-bureaucratic system that expects a strong bias for action. An opportunity to learn, and create strong cultural underpinning.

The Only way he builds and Manages teams is Single-minded focus on the customer. Choose people based on cultural fit and alignment of passion. Impart purpose. Select for potential, but advance for performance. Empower people to work. No busywork. No unending meetings. Don’t be hierarchy-minded. Encourage learning.

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