meet neelay jain

Post short stints with banks after completing B.E, MBA (Finance), Neelay started his own finance business. That’s when He first shared an office with 2 guys working on another startup idea. The 2 guys, Abhishek & Rahul, along with Neelay, happen to be the cofounders of our current startup, That makes Neelay the first customer of his own startup ! is an aggregation portal for shared offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices and meeting facilities. 
Being a part of coworking industry & shared economy since 2015,, have tried to optimise commercial real estate by bringing in efficiency in office utilization. We enabled the tenants/owners of commercial properties to monetize spare spaces in their offices. On the other side, we made businesses & professionals take up hassle-free & managed office spaces at a fraction of the cost & effort of renting a full office. Over time- we have evolved into various models of business like coworking space management, third-party spaces marketing, etc.
Worked with 
– 300+ Office space providers
– 1200+ Office space users
in 8+ cities
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