Nitin Shah

Nitin Shah is a passionate NLP Master Practitioner, trainer (CHCP, Self-Help & Corporate programs), Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist, Educator and Life Coach, who instigates positive transformation in people age agnostically. An inspirational speaker with tons of industry experience, he not only helps people become aware of how life is simple but also walks his talk.

An increasing number of smart organizations are investing in NLP training, as they realize how profound it is in changing how one thinks and feels, without the regular intervention of an external trainer. Being a mind science aficionado, Nitin Shah, CEO, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences (ICHARS), was intrigued to harness this compelling science to enhance his Hypnotherapy practice.

Although he found several existing NLP curriculums quite inspiring, he realized that there were several lacunae, the way it was taught in India. Moreover, he could anticipate the dire necessity for a curriculum that amalgamates the conscious and unconscious sciences to create a superior therapy that offers lasting effects to people; thus, incepting ICHARS in 2012.