Patik Muni

Pathik Muni


The human brain is a crazy place. Mine has led me into the depths of technology and taken me in between the fine scripts of cyberspace. In this journey, I’ve been an software consultant, information security consultant, cyberspace expert, IPR specialist, cybercrime investigator and start-up consultant. Let me give you a glimpse of what each of these entails.

✪ A SOFTWARE CONSULTANT: I have worked on BOT model, for development of CRM solutions of products based on IP communications for the Telcom Industry. Have built applications which would seamlessly integrate with core MNO systems such as PeopleSoft, CABS and BSCS. Consulted companies such as Templafy, a Danish product plugin application company and Cloud 9, a UK based telecom soft-network solutions provider for sale and deployment in Indian markets.
✪ AN INFORMATION SECURITY CONSULTANT: I regularly consult small businesses, especially start-ups. After understanding and analysing their business objectives, products, services and processes, I recommend changes that comply with the governing rules and regulations.
✪ A START-UP CONSULTANT: My years of being an entrepreneur together with acquiring a professional qualification to conduct Entrepreneurship Analysis with a distinguished Business Model Canvas module from Stanford has carved my way to being a start-up consultant. With a 20-day exercise, I can help start-ups strengthen their business models.
✪ A CYBERSPACE EXPERT: I help businesses manoeuvre through the entangled worldwide web to assess their offerings, ensure cyber law compliance and introduce secure processes that shield them against cyber theft. I also assist them with the deployment of emerging technologies.
✪ SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR: With the intent of giving back to the society I have used my entrepreneurial acumen to found multiple socially impacting projects to address the societal challenges. Few of them being Khaana Chahiye, Operation Black Dot – Mahavoter and Stray Project.