meet prerna Singh

Prerna Singh
Just Prerna emerged from a strong belief in the power of styling through jewellery. It is inspired by ancient cultural symbols from the world over and is rooted in earthy, natural sensibilities. Each piece is carefully designed, hand crafted and brought to life by staying true to both – aesthetics and functionality.
Prerna Singh studied crafts design at IICD and worked extensively with potter communities in rural India before exploring jewelry. Not having followed the ‘regimented’ line towards learning jewellery design has been more of an advantage as she doesn’t know of limitations, only possibilities.
Her signature style evolved through many ‘gurus’ she encountered along the way -from local artisans who revealed distinctive methods and practices that are grounded in ancient times to modern designers, friends and customers. However, the most important factor has been her own unravelling through her journey in the craft sector.
Being married to a fighter pilot has broadened her horizons resulting into adopting a new, refreshing outlook towards life in which adversity and challenges keep the motivation and spirit high.
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