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Ravi Nath
Mr Ravi Nath is a Director on the Board of “Monga Strayfield Pvt. Ltd.” India, its wholly-owned subsidiary “Strayfield Ltd [UK]” and “Quantum Global Technologies Inc. Canada.”
He has a working experience of over forty years.
The Monga Group manufactures Radio Frequency Ovens widely accepted in the processing of Foods, Textiles, Glass Fibres, and Paper amongst other applications. They also manufacture Di-electric heating equipment for welding of vinyl sheets. The Strayfield brand is a trusted name for excellence in Radio Frequency Equipment.
A Mechanical Engineer from Mumbai in 1976 he gained nine years’ experience in sales and marketing of engineering products, and then, set up a family business in 1985, for the manufacture of Impulse Sealers, his forte being Sales, Administration and Corporate Affairs.
He has handled the formation of a Joint Venture Company between the Monga Group and Strayfield Ltd. UK, in 1996 which enabled the Strayfield Technology to be made available at better manufacturing economies, thus making deeper market inroads. The business of Strayfield was acquired by the Monga Group in 2005. Thereafter he was responsible for the amalgamation of various family businesses.
He continues to practice and work in his forte.
He is happily married to Renu and has a Daughter Priti who is a trade marks Lawyer
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