Smita Vyas Kumar

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Smita Vyas Kumar

Smita is an Entrepreneur ,Writer, Blogger & vlogger, Published poet and a Marketing professional.

Smita Vyas is the founder of MyTree, a nano-local app that functions in small communities.

MyTree  flourishes in 8 Chapters today in Parel Sewri, Central Mumbai and Chembur in gated communities such as Ashok Towers, Planet Godrej, Ashok Gardens etc.

MyTree serves as a platform that connects people looking for fresh, tasty & hygienic food options with home chefs who live within their community or complex itself.

The app also has  Bazar section that brings high quality products to your doorstep from small businesses.

The app creates micro-entrepreneurs from home chefs and enables small businesses to create a more organized market for themselves.

MyTree is an app that builds connections in communities.

Connect with the MyTree FB page to get a glimpse into the MyTree community.

She is and Entrepreneur  who Founded and profitably ran Craftbox India Pvt. Ltd, a pioneer in India’s hobby craft industry.

She  Co-authored the book ‘Be a Supermarketwala’, now adopted as a handbook in 5 languages, with Damodar Mall

She reviewed films for (Part of HT Media). Published poet.

She has Worked on marketing, sales and promotional assignments for several companies.

She has done her MBA from  IIM Bangalore

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